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Since 1983, Wismarq Light Company, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of reflectorized fixtures and reflectors for use in fluorescent retrofits. Our mission is to provide you custom reflector solutions…at competitive prices.

While many companies offer an extensive line of fixtures and reflectors, only Wismarq offers a virtually infinite number of sizes to meet your specific retrofit requirements. At Wismarq, we realize that "close enough" really isn’t. That’s why we custom build all of our reflectors to your specific needs.

Wismarq reflectors are designed and manufactured using state of the art computer assistance and CNC controlled machinery. This is your assurance of precision optics and consistent quality. All Wismarq reflectors are UL classified and have undergone extensive photometric testing by an independent laboratory.

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Building Type: Medical Research/Educational

Additional Services
In addition to design and manufacturing, we also offer lighting engineering services and full technical support. If you’re planning new construction or are considering replacing your old lighting systems, give us a call at 800-586-3671 and together we’ll have a brighter future.

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Light Levels
Replacing lamps with Wismarq custom reflectors will result in modest light losses. However, the Wismarq design process assures you that the work place light levels will conform to illuminating guidelines for work place light levels established by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).

Recommended Light Levels
Task Lighting Requirements Footcandles
VDT usage 30-50
Reading, writing, typing 50-70
Accounting, drafting 70-100
General Lighting Requirements  
Circulation areas, corridors, lobbies 10-20
Conference rooms, non-task areas, workstation 25-35
Filing areas 30-40

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Location: Houston, TX
Building Type: Office
Location: Houston, TX
Building Type: Library/Education
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